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Call of the Arisen is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Call of the Arisen

"A mysterious voice called when you arrived at the encampment. Perhaps it is your destiny that beckons..."

Quest Objectives

  1. Heed the Voice
  2. Search the Area
  3. Drive off the Threat
  4. Report to the Rift

Quest Rewards

  1. 1,200 Gold
  2. 500 Exp.
  3. 3 Rift Crystals
  4. Main Pawn Creation

Quest Walkthrough

Once player enters The Encampment, follow the path that leads to the central area of The Encampment. Head inside the tent and speak to the Voice. Head back to the path and trigger the cutscene, then follows the soldiers and exit through the northern gate.

Outside the gate, there will be a Cyclops along with several Goblins. The Cyclops is already weakened. Melee Vocations can attack by jumping on its back while ranged or magic users should aim for its eye to bring it down.

After defeating the Cyclops reports back to the Rift Stone and completes the quest. Creation of your main pawn will now begin.

Quest Notes

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