The Final Battle

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Main Story Quest
The Tainted Mountain Temple
Deny Salvation
Next Quest
A Warm Welcome

The Final Battle is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

The Final Battle


Quest Objective

  1. Onward to the Dragon
  2. Getting to the Tainted Mountain
  3. The Battle with the Dragon
  4. Journey to Dragon Isle

Quest Rewards

  1. 65,000 G
  2. 80,000 Exp
  3. 60 RC
  4. Godsbane
  5. Depending on your vocation:

Quest Walkthrough

This is the final confrontation of the main quest and it pits the Arisen against Grigori. After the custscene plays following the completing of Deny Salvation, the dragon will beckon the Arisen to face him. Your Pawns will recommend you see The Dragonforged before proceeding. This is completely optional. If you opt to, head to Hillfigure Knoll and speak with him to receive a Dragonleather Vest and Draconian Strategy Vol. 1.

Prepare yourself for the final battle and approach The Tainted Mountain Temple. Enter the temple and make your way through the chambers, defeating all the Enemies along the way. Upon defeating a Gorechimera, activate the 4 pressure plates in the room to open the door to your encounter with Grigori.

The dragon will speak with you and offer you a chance to sacrifice your beloved or face him yourself. Choosing to sacrifice your beloved ends the game and will make the Arisen the lord of Gransys. Choosing to face the dragon begins the fight.

In the first portion of the fight the dragon will chase you through the tunnel destroying everything in his path. When you reach the large chamber, inflicting damage on Grigori's heart will cause him to flee. This triggers the next phase of the fight as you are now the pursuer.

Once on the bridge, make a run to the tower as Grigori attempts to destroy the bridge and kill you and your pawns. Take the fight to the dragon at the top of the tower. Man or command a pawn to man the ballista and fire it at Grigori's heart. This will trigger another cutscene as the dragon destroys the other tower.

Having grabbed Grigori's tail, climb up towards the glowing heart located on his back, making sure to succeed on the analog stick challenges to avoid being thrown off. Strike the heart to initiate the final phase of the battle.

Bring the dragon down by exposing and damaging his heart, using the ballista to bring him down when he flies out of range. He is vulnerable to Dark. Strike the final blow to put an end to Grigori's reign of terror.

Your heart will be healed, return to Gran Soren for your Warm Welcome.

Quest Notes

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