Off With Its Head

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Off With Its Head is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

Off With Its Head

"Under Mercedes' command, you set off across the mountains for the capital of Gran Soren to present the hydra's head to the duke."

Quest Objective

  1. Present the hydra's head to the duke.

Quest Rewards

  1. 6,500 Gold
  2. 6,000 Exp.

Quest Walkthrough

Speaks with Mercedes at the Waycastle to begin the escort. It is advised to scout and defeat enemies ahead before they reach the cart. If you travel to far from the cart, it will stop and wait for you to rejoin the party before advancing. Goblin, Harpy and Wolf encounters will be common throughout the long journey. It is a good idea to save often and especially after each encounter.

Once the party reaches Mountain Cottage, numerous boulders as well as a giant rolling rock threaten the entire party. Melee attacks and range attacks can destroy the boulders while the rolling of a giant stone can be triggered by any strike. Players should trigger prematurely to avoid damaging the cart.

At the end of Moonsbit Pass lies a closed fortified gate. The party needs to defend the cart from the Goblins raid until the gate is opened. There will be a bandit ambush on the path to Gran Soren, or if night, Undead will rise up and attack the party.

The quest competes when the party arrives at Gran Soren. Mercedes will send word for the Duke of your arrival and Mason will direct you to the Pawn Guild. Gran Soren, the most prominent city in Gransys is now explorable.

Quest Notes

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