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"A stone what may spirit the user back to Gran Soren, else the location of a portcrystal, in an instant."
Type Tools
Weight 0.18
Cost 900 - 2,000 G
Sell Value 200 G
Forgery Cost

Ferrystone is an Item in Dragon's Dogma in the Tools category. Items perform a variety of functions including restoring Health and Stamina, Enhancing Weapons and Armor, and Combining with other Items to create potent tools useful in battle. Items can be found in gathering spots, chests, or lying out in the open around Gransys or by killing certain Enemies. Most Items can be Forged at The Black Cat to create a (in some cases less potent) duplicate of the Item.


Dragon's Dogma Ferrystone Effects

Ferrystone has the following effects and usages:


Ferrystone Location in Dragon's Dogma

These are the various methods of acquiring Ferrystone:


Enhancement with Dragon's Dogma Ferrystone

Some Items can be used to enhance weapons and armor, making them stronger. These are the enhancement recipes that require Ferrystone:



Dragon's Dogma Ferrystone Combining Recipes

Some Items can be used to enhance weapons and armor, making them stronger, and some can be combined with other Items to create curatives and usable Items in battle.



Dragon's Dogma Tools

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