The Everfall is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

The Everfall Information

The Everfall is a cylindrical dungeon located below Gran Soren, specifically beneath the Pawn Guild and Union Inn. It undergoes several changes upon reaching the Endgame or Post-Game stage of the Game Progression Stages. During Endgame it becomes similar to a never-ending boss rush mode where you can challenge some of the hardest enemies in the game including the Ur-Dragon over and over again for loot. Visit The Everfall Guide for a comprehensive guide to the chambers and enemies within the Endgame Everfall.

Pre-Endgame Everfall



Endgame Everfall

the everfall layers

  • After the defeat of The Dragon a significant portion of Gran Soren opens up and falls into the Everfall, exposing the dungeon. At this point it can be traversed via jumping to specific ledges, and falling through the entire pit results in a never ending freefall that continues to take you back to the top until you position yourself to land on a ledge.
  • The Everfall is marked by several ledges that can be landed on. Each ledge leads to a chamber which is a dungeon filled with deadly monsters. All ledges will initially lead to the Chamber of Confusion until that chamber's Evil Eye boss is defeated. Afterwards each ledge will lead to a unique chamber.
  • Enemies and Bosses will drop Wakestone Shards and Wakestones making it a very fruitful but challenging farming location.
  • Chests within the chambers have a small chance to contain some of the rarest Equipment in the game.
  • The two Merchants Joye's Wares and Delec's Wares sell high level Equipment. Some rare items found in chests will also be available for purchase through them.
  • Main Quests: Fathom Deep
  • Notice Board Quests: By Royal Decree III, Grave Danger
  • Visit The Everfall Guide for a comprehensive guide to the chambers and enemies within them.


Pawn Travel Knowledge


  • Pre-Endgame Everfall: Operating the northern most gate lever in Fourth Level Underground grants Everfall Travel knowledge. The lever is located at the top of the chamber where Skeleton Mages and Harpies linger. Knowledge may also be granted at the first gate encountered.
  • Endgame Everfall:
    • Traverse the landing near the top of the Everfall by the pawn guild entrance.
    • General area knowledge granted from complete exploration of the chambers and jumping into the hole from the Urban Quarter.
    • When the pawn is thrown into the Everfall from the pawn guild entrance.

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