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Type Monster
XP -
Health -
Attack -
Defense -
Magic Attack -
Magick Defense -
Weight -

Hellhound is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Hellhound Information







  • --


Related Quest


Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Weak to Holy
  • Weak to Ice



  • Weak against Holy spells and enchanted weapons
  • Weak against Ice spells and enchanted weapons
  • Vulnerable to Torpor and Poison
  • Vulnerable to Tarred but not Blind


Damage Taken

  • Slash: --
  • Bash: --
  • Fire: --
  • Ice: --
  • Thunder: --
  • Holy: --
  • Dark: --



Skill Description
Charge Charges at a target, knocking them back.
Fireball Shoots a fireball at a target, knocking them down with a chance of also causing burning. If the fireball hits the floor, it explodes causing area damage and knockdown. Hellhounds will always spam this attack if their target is not on the same level of elevation as them.
Grab and Drag Grabs a character who has been knocked to the floor and drags them a fair distance away, dealing constant damage. It then proceeds to deal significant damage through a series of biting attacks that continue until the character is dead or freed (wiggle L-stick). Other Hellhounds can join in on the attack, increasing the damage and likelihood of death. They can also drag characters off a nearby cliff to instantly kill them.
Fire Cloak Cloaks itself in flames, causing all of its attacks to deal fire damage as well as increasing the damage of the fireball attack. Also occurs instantly when a hellhound is hit with a fire-based attack.
Grab and Bite Bites a character's leg and holds them in place, mauling them continuously until freed by wiggling the L-stick. Multiple Hellhounds can join in on this attack, dealing severe damage.

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