Type Monster
XP -
Health 600
Attack -
Defense -
Magic Attack -
Magick Defense -
Weight -

Phantasm is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Phantasm Information








Related Quest


Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • --



  • Vulnerable to Magick damage.
  • Very weak against Holy spells and Holy enchanted weapons.
  • Immune to all Thunder spells and Thunder enchanted weapons.
  • Vulnerable to physical damage while under possession.


Damage Taken

  • Slash: --
  • Bash: --
  • Fire: (100%)
  • Ice: (100%)
  • Thunder: (0%)
  • Holy: (500%)
  • Dark: (20%)



Skill Description

Attempts to possess a Pawn. If it succeeds, the Pawn will take constant damage until it is freed or until it dies and becomes forfeit.

Attempts to possess the Player. if it succeeds, the Player will take constant lightning damage until freed or death.

Fade When attacked, the Phantasm will fade out of this plane to avoid damage for a time. When it reappears, it will be where it was before.
Floating Charge This is the primary mode of moving. It will rush at targets, knocking them back and dealing Lightning damage.

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