The Shadow Fort

Devilfire Grove
A Fortress Besieged

The Shadow Fort is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

The Shadow Fort Information

The Shadow Fort is a fortress between two cliffs that guards the path between them which leads to Frontier Caverns. This location is accessible during the quest A Fortress Besieged. The main entrance is from the south of Gransys. The other entrance is from the North side, but this is only made accessible after entering from the South, and unlocking the gate built into the northernmost wall of the fortress.


Southern Side

  • Mainly empty
  • Has a tunnel that gives access to the Northern side of the Fortress. This is where the quest starts.

Northern Side

  • Station Room
  • Two large towers on either side of the Northern entrance. You will use the Shadow Fort Lever to unlock the gate in the western tower.
  • There is a ballista in the eastern tower.
  • The innerfield has a storehouse and a prison
  • The gate is protected by a gatehouse. The gatehouse has 3 floors. The top floor has a large room, which is the Commandant's Antechamber.


  • Several goblin-built tunnels run below the innerfield on the northern side of the fortress.
  • Only characters under 150cm are able to enter these tunnels.




Pawn Travel Knowledge

  • In the gatehouse to the North, on the first floor open platform with a ballistae.
  • The goblin tunnels underneath the innerfield on the northern side.


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