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Cassardis is a location in Dragon's Dogma. It is a small fishing village situated in Southeastern part of Gransys that is also home to the Arisen. This is where the player begins his/her journey in the game.

Cassardis Information

"I have lived in Cassardis all my life. Legend says that long ago, a king rose and ended the warring that had gripped the peninsula. But today, there are few remnants left of the ancient kingdoms, and fewer still know we are the descendants of kings. Cassardis is looked upon as a simple fishing village under the rule of Gran Soren. The area might not be as exciting as it once was but we are fully self-sufficient and you won't find a better lobster dinner in all the land."

Inns and Merchants


Notice Boards


Chief Adaro's HOuse

  • Point of Interest

Sub-Location 2

  • Point of Interest

Sub-Location 3

  • Point of Interest



Shopowners and Innkeepers



  • N/A

Pawn Travel Knowledge

  • On the top floor at Pablos' Inn
  • Towards the entrance of Starfall bay
  • Inside Quina's bedroom in Adaro's home. The trigger line for it is : "Quina's room bears such a pleasant scent."
  • Next to Iola's, inside a burned home. Entering the roomon the right side, facing towards the beach triggers the talking.

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