Type Monster
XP 4,000
Health 25,000
Attack 600
Defense 95
Magic Attack 50
Magick Defense 60
Weight 5,000 kg

Cyclops is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Cyclops Information


"The cyclops is a one-eyed monster possessing a huge body and fearsome tusks. Fully grown cyclopes reach a height of twenty to twenty-five feet and, as a result of their large size they are prone to sloth and apathy. However, cyclopes can be inspired to ferocious action when they are angered, so act with caution in their presence.

Cyclopes' preferred methods of attack are primitive and unsophisticated, but devastating in their sheer force. Mainly resorting to their natural brute strength, some individuals have also been seen to employ a club as a weapon.

Cyclopes are woefully unequipped when it comes to intelligence and that is why they are often found enslaved by humans or other creatures. The secret society Salvation is known to prefer using cyclopes in their attacks, thanks to the creatures' resemblance to the group's symbolic icon: the Remaining Eye.

They can be surprisingly docile and will quickly take a liking to any who provides them with sustenance—but if a cyclops is hungry or angered, you will see its true brutality.

The appetite of a cyclops is voracious and they have been known to capture and eat goblins. However, goblins have also managed to enslave many cyclopes by feeding them. They view the cyclopes as useful bodyguards, and the cyclopes see the goblins as convenient masters that keep them in food."





Tusk Destroyed


Related Quest


Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Cyclops Tactics - Specific techniques on how to defeat Cyclopes.
  • Cyclops Strategy Vol. 1 - A strong hit to the arm holding the club/cudgel will make it drop the weapon.
  • Cyclops Strategy Vol. 2 - Breaking off the tusk by attacking the head will grant knowledge. Pawns will yell "Pick up any tusks broken loose."
  • Strike the eye. It is the weakest spot.
  • Weak to Lightning.
  • Use Lightning to stun.



  • ??


Damage Taken

  • Slash: 100%
  • Bash: 100%
  • Fire: 60%
  • Ice: 60%
  • Thunder: 180%
  • Holy: 100%
  • Dark: 100%



Skill Description
Grab (Ground) Grabs the Arisen or Pawn ascending their back and will start to bite them if not forced free.
Grab (Back) Grabs a target on its head and bites them for high damage if not forced free (wiggle L-stick). This attack will also remove the helmet of an Armored Cyclops and can be dodged by jumping off before being grabbed.
Stomp Stomps on the ground with its foot.
Sweeping Attack Uses its club or hand to swipe at targets.
Rampage Charges back and forth, flailing its club or fists at random targets. Usually uses this after being hit in the eye or losing a tusk.
Jump Jumps at you, crushing whoever it lands on.

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