Type Dragon
XP 150,000
Health 3,000,000,000
Attack 3,600
Defense 380
Magic Attack 1,300
Magick Defense 380
Weight 100,000 kg

Ur-Dragon is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Ur-Dragon Information













When taking part and accomplishing in killing the online Ur-Dragon. All of the Arisen's equipped items will be turned Dragonforged. The reward cutscene will play and displaying the reward chamber in which there will be eight loot bags. The following are some of the possible rewards for killing Ur-Dragon.



Kill the Ur-Dragon during Grace period or Kill the Ur-Dragon just prior to Grace


Over ten battles, over 1.2 million damage


Over 5 battles, over 500,000 damage

Good Effort

3-5 battles, over 300,000

Low Effort


Random Rewards

Ur-Dragon Reward Weapons

Other Rewards


Related Quest

  • ??


Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Weak to Holy



  • Weak against Holy spells and Holy enchanted weapons.
  • Resistant to Dark.
  • Immune to all debilitations.
  • Immune to Exequy


Damage Taken

  • Slash: (100%)
  • Bash: (100%)
  • Fire: (75%)
  • Ice: (75%)
  • Thunder: (75%)
  • Holy: (125%)
  • Dark: (30%)



Skill Description
Bakcdash and Fireball A quick leap backwards, followed by a fireball launched at its previous location.
Fire Breath A stream of fire is let loose from its mouth. Can be shot straight forward while walking, or in a stationary sweeping motion in front of it.
Fiery Drive By Flies into the sky and then dives past a target, breathing fire at the ground near them as it passes. The Dragon initiates multiple passes before landing again.
Flame Eruption Rears up on its hind legs to charge energy and then unleashes a large stream of fire in front of it, sending out smaller fireballs which drop around the initial impact site. Possibly the Dragon's most powerful attack.
High Bolide Ten meteors indiscriminately barrage the battlefield, inflicting Fire damage upon any characters they strike.
High Frigor Three spires of ice inflict Ice damage and propel characters into the air, potentially freezing them.
High Levin A series of rapid lightning bolts which inflict Lightning damage and Thundershock.
High Petrification Invokes a magic fog which turns those who enter it into stone.
Holy Furor The Ur-Dragon remains motionless for a short period, and then unleashes a sigil which inflicts Holy damage upon any characters caught within the large nimbus of light.
Long Range Fireball When perched upon the faraway tower, the Ur-Dragon will shoot long-range fireballs at the party. This consists of one fireball per person in the party, for as many rounds as there are persons in the party; e.g., if there are four people in the party, the Ur-Dragon will shoot four rounds consisting of one fireball aimed at each person for a total of sixteen shots, the last one always aimed at the Arisen. This can be interrupted by inflicting enough damage on the roosting Ur-Dragon's existing hearts; a successful shot will make it scream and then it will fly back down to the arena floor.
Body Slam Flies straight up into the air and then quickly drops straight down, slamming into the ground on all four legs, crushing anyone beneath it.
Dive A powerful lunge from the air.
Fly Back Will fly backwards to create distance from the party, potentially inflicting crushing damage if it lands on any characters.
Grab  The Arisen is grabbed and violently smashed into the ground.
Maul A Pawn is grabbed and inflicted with Possession, causing the Pawn to attack the Arisen.
Stomp When climbing near the mouth the Dragon may attempt to swallow the Arisen, inflicting tremendous damage over time until freed by wiggling the L-stick.
Attack A powerful attack with its two front paws, one after the other, triggered by a character's close proximity to the Ur's front feet.
Sweeping Backhand A sweeping blow with either one of the front "arms" (paws) which knocks targets away from its body, inflicting heavy damage.
Tail Sweep The Dragon quickly spins around while breathing fire, striking any targets within a wide radius around its feet and dislodging any characters on its tail.
Tail Whip A powerful sweeping attack aimed at characters standing behind the Dragon's rear flank and dislodging any characters holding onto its tail.
Roar A roar which knocks the party back, inflicts Skill Stifling (preventing the use of skills for a short period), cancels all stat boosts, and immediately slays all Pawns within range.
Wind Buffet Flaps its wings to repulse the party backwards with high force winds (but dealing no damage). The Wind Buffet will disrupt any skill charging, spell charging, and bow aiming while this attack in occurring.

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