Type Monster
XP 10,800
Health 45,000
Attack 1,125
Defense 315
Magic Attack 1,125
Magick Defense 371
Weight 3,000 kg

Cockatrice is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


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  • Immune to Torpor and Poison.
  • Weakpoint is the head for physical attacks
  • Vulnerable to Blindness and Tarred in Oil
  • Weak against Thunder enchanted weapons and spells.
  • Attacking it throat sac will delay its breath attack. If damage enough, the sac will rupture completely and disable its Pretification breath.


Damage Taken

  • Slash: 100%
  • Bash: 100%
  • Fire: 100%
  • Ice: 100%
  • Thunder: 140%
  • Holy: 100%
  • Dark: 60%



Skill Description
Petrification Airborne or on the ground, the Cockatrice may puff up its chest and spew projectiles or spray its breath along a sweeping arc. Inflicted characters will slowly become petrified.
Poisonous Claws Swipes the party with its claws, potentially inflicting Poison.
Seals Magick Attempts to silence the party's spellcasting abilities.
Debilitating Roar Roars while airborne to inflict debilitations (such as Torpor) on any characters within range.
Dive Dive attack from the sky.
Bite Bites at the party from the ground.
Charge Charges forward while on the ground.
Poisonous Grab Jumps onto a target and crushes them underneath its poisonous claws, dealing continuous damage and inflicts Poison status. Quickly wiggle the L-stick in order to break free.
Rampage Once the throat glands have been destroyed, its head and eyes may glow bright red while rampaging at the party and flailing its claws.

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