Chamber of Lament

Ledge 8
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Chamber of Lament is an Everfall Chamber in Dragon's Dogma. These chambers serve as rooms for bosses and chests in the Everfall. Each chamber can have one to three simple floors, with different minor enemies and loot. Some chambers show dead-end zones that are locked from the player, and these are speculated to be the gateways to other worlds. Each chamber can be accessed by first jumping in the hole in the middle of the cylindrical dungeon, and then choosing and grabbing a ledge to climb up the connecting platform.


Enemies in Dragon's Dogma Chamber of Lament



Minor Enemies:



Dragon's Dogma Chamber of Lament Walkthrough

The Chamber of Lament is located by grabbing hold of the seventh ledge from the top of the Everfall. Upon entering the door, you will find yourself in the southernmost part of the area in a small room. A bit further forward is a big circular room, but with a murky sky above instead of an enclosed ceiling, and some parts of the room that are burning up with purple flames. There are item piles on the far west and far east sides of the room which have various Items and Curatives. Apart from that, the room is empty. As you move to the north, three Pawns will start to attack you. After beating them with just one hit each, the cutscene will begin, as the Ur-Dragon makes its entrance. This is the most difficult fight in the dungeon, so the player should prepare thoroughly for it. Visit our New Game Plus page to find out how to beat or farm the Ur-Dragon. At the north end of this chamber lies a monument that shows a list of the most recent players who’ve dealt the finishing blow for the online version of the Ur-Dragon. To the west of this small room is an exit that leads to a platform that you can jump down from to the next chambers. In New Game Plus, this door instead leads to a Riftstone in Cassardis, allowing players to access and farm the Ur-Dragon easily.


Chests with Rare Equipment found in Dragon's Dogma Chamber of Lament

This table shows the number of chests in the Chamber of Lament and the percent chance of finding each rare Equipment contained in them:


Chest Rare Equipment Chance
1 no rare equipment  
2 no rare equipment  


Chamber of Lament Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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