Type Dragon
XP 80,000
Health 100,000
Attack 1,250
Defense 260
Magic Attack 600
Magick Defense 280
Weight 100,000 kg

Grigori is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Grigori Information


"Dragons are creatures wreathed in mystery.

Though they have appeared a handful of times in the long history of the continent, it is still not clear how they are born or what brings them to attack men's civilizations. The small amount of knowledge that has been gleaned from their sporadic attacks reveals little more than the facts that dragons possess dreadful power and are intelligent enough to understand human speech.

Dragons appear without warning, sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds of years apart, bringing chaos in their wake and destroying men and nations without distinction.

Their actions are inhuman and atrocious, but given their high level of intelligence, it is hard to imagine that their violence is without purpose. Many times in the past have they brought the world to the edge of destruction, but they have never completely wiped out mankind.

In every age that they appear, the dragons commit a short-lived but ferocious assault upon the world. Then they cease their attack and alight atop a mountain or other visible location, as if waiting for something. Given these strange actions, it is possible to think that the dragons are fulfilling some sort of role or duty, serving some greater function in the world, yet at present there is simply not enough evidence to make any sort of theory about the dragons' purpose.

It is also clear from past records that the number of monsters in the world seems to sharply increase around the time that a dragon appears. This could be nothing more than coincidence, but if it is somehow an effect of a dragon's imminent appearance, then this would be another example of dragons' peculiar place in the natural order of the world."





Dragon Horn Destroyed

Dragon Wing Destroyed



The player will receive a weapon matching the weapons equipped by the Arisen at the time of Grigori's death. 

The weapons are as follows:

Killing The Dragon with no weapons equipped (by punching his heart) will result in getting no weapon at all, thus wasting the opportunity.


Related Quest


Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • --



  • Weak to Dark spells and enchanted weapons.
  • Strong against Fire and Holy spells and enchanted weapons.


Damage Taken

  • Slash: 100%
  • Bash: 100%
  • Fire: 20%
  • Ice: 100%
  • Thunder: 100%
  • Holy: 50%
  • Dark: 130%



Skill Description
Fire Breath A stream of fire is let loose from his mouth. Can be shot straight forward while walking, or in a stationary sweeping motion in front of him.
Backdash and Fireball A quick leap backwards followed by a fireball launched at the previous location.
Dive A powerful lunge from the air.
Stomp Attack A powerful attack with his two front feet.
Body Slam Flies straight up into the air and then quickly drops, slamming into the ground on all four legs and crushing anyone beneath.
Sweeping Backhand A sweeping blow with either one of the front arms that knocks targets away from him.
Tail Whip A powerful sweeping attack with his tail, only striking targets behind him.
Tail Sweep The dragon spins himself around using his tail to attack targets in a wide radius around him and near his feet.
Grab (Arisen) The Arisen is grabbed and then smashed into the ground
Grab (Pawn) A Pawn is grabbed, but instead of being smashed into the ground, Grigori instead possesses it and directs it to attack you.
High Levin A series of fast lightning bolts are created with the ability to stun those who are hit.
High Frigor Three spires of ice are created that can throw those it hits into the air and freeze them.
High Bolide 10 meteors are summoned to indiscriminately barrage the battlefield for a short period.
Holy Furor Grigori remains motionless for a short period, and then unleashes a sigil that causes rapid beams of light to seek out and damage any present in a large area of effect.
Long Range Fireball When perched upon the rock, Grigori will shoot long-range fireballs at you and your pawns.
Flame Eruption Rears on two legs to charge energy, then unleashes a large stream of fire in front of him that sends out many smaller fireballs that drop in an area around the initial impact site. Possibly his most powerful attack.
Fiery Drive By Flies into the sky and then dives past a target, breathing fire at the ground near them as he passes. Does multiple passes before landing again.
Wing Buffet Flaps his wings hard at the party, knocking back everyone with high force winds but dealing no damage. Uses it to give himself more room for other attacks.
Fly Back Will fly backwards for space but will deal massive damage if caught under him.
Maul Sweeps the ground with his head and ensnares a target in his mouth, dealing minor damage but leaving the ensnared target susceptible to his physical and firebreathing attacks. The ensnared target may be freed if allies strike the mouth, or by wiggling the L-stick.

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