Evil Eye

Type Monster
XP 18,100
Health 66,666
Attack 1,400
Defense 350
Magic Attack 1,400
Magick Defense 650
Weight 1,500 kg

Evil Eye is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Evil Eye Information








Related Quest

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Pawn Bestiary Knowledge



  • It is immune to all debilitations.
  • Have strong resistance to Fire, Ice, Thunder and Dark magick spells and physical attacks.
  • Weak against Holy spells and Holy enchanted weapons and physical attacks.
  • ??


Damage Taken

  • Slash: 100%
  • Bash: 75%
  • Fire: 30%
  • Ice: 30%
  • Thunder: 30%
  • Holy: 150%
  • Dark: 10%



Skill Description
Barrier Protects itself from all damage while not attacking. Can be broken with enough magic attacks.
Summon Tentacles

Constantly teleports the Tentacles on its main body out of the ground, to attack the party, as long as it is alive. Does not lower its Barrier to do this. Cut the Tentacles off when they are coming out of the ground and it will remove one off the main body.

Tentacle Magick Tentacles cast basic spells, such as Ingle, icicle spears and Levin. Each one casts quickly and while they do not do much damage they can stagger characters and leave them open to the main Eye's attacks.
Tentacle Attack Tentacles will lash out at nearby targets, knocking them backwards.
Crippling Beam Floats up high above the arena, then shines a large beam of light from its eye down at the ground, which can cause Blindness, Poison, Magick Defense Reduction, Torpor and Petrification to all that stand within the light. It will also remove any temporary buff to Strength, Magick, Defense and Magick Defense.
Magick Attacks Casts various high level spells such as High Seism, High Perdition and Skill Stifling.
Tentacle Grab One of the tentacles on the Eye grabs a character and throws them away, which can inflict fall damage if one gets thrown high enough. Often occurs when attacking with melee and when behind the Eye. Tentacles that spawn out of the ground can do this too.
Silentium Casts a spell which silences anyone within range.
Grab and bite

The main Eye lunges towards a character, grabs with its 'eyelids', then proceeds to chew on them for heavy damage. Players must free themselves by wiggling the L-stick fast enough or else it will leave them with 1 hp and throw them to the ground. However, this attack will kill the pawns. 

If one moves away from it while it tries to bite them, it might get stuck in the floor, allowing one to wail upon it until it recovers. 

Its shield will be down if it is chewing on someone, allowing others to free them by damaging the Eye.

Dimensional Phase-Shift

After taking heavy damage, the Eye retreats to another dimension and summons tentacles that attack with weak spells and weak melee attacks. Kill the tentacles until the Eye returns.

It can also use this to cover ground quickly, teleporting to one's position to execute melee attacks or teleporting away from a character.

Mouth Drop If climbing on the Eye while it still has tentacles on it, one of the tentacles will proceed to grab a character and drop them into the 'mouth' of the Eye, which then it performs its biting attack. Players must wiggle the L-stick fast enough to free themselves or else they will take massive damage.
Petrification The Eye will cast a spell that conjure up several red balls from the ground, which then explode into a petrifying mist. Anyone standing in the area of effect when it explodes will begin to petrify.
Regenerate After it has lost all its tentacles on the main body, it will eventually teleport away and adopt a regenerating stance. While it is regenerating, its barrier is down, so try to stun it before all the tentacles regrow. If you fail, all tentacles will be back.
Spin Attack Spins itself around to knock anyone near it away. Knocks characters off of it as well.

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