Chamber of Estrangement

Ledge 11
Quests Grave Danger
NPCs Delec

Chamber of Estrangement is an Everfall Chamber in Dragon's Dogma. These chambers serve as rooms for bosses and chests in the Everfall. Each chamber can have one to three simple floors, with different minor enemies and loot. Some chambers show dead-end zones that are locked from the player, and these are speculated to be the gateways to other worlds. Each chamber can be accessed by first jumping in the hole in the middle of the cylindrical dungeon, and then choosing and grabbing a ledge to climb up the connecting platform.


Enemies in Dragon's Dogma Chamber of Estrangement


Minor Enemies:


Dragon's Dogma Chamber of Estrangement Walkthrough

The Chamber of Estrangement is located by grabbing hold of the eleventh ledge from the top of the Everfall. Upon entering the door, you will find yourself in a large circular room. Bosses and enemies are encountered here but they are randomized between two sets. The first set of enemies consists of a Golem, a Cyclops, and an Ogre. The other group consists of a Metal Golem and a Lich, which summons a few Undead. The Metal Golem can easily be dispatched by destroying all the medallions in the room. The first chest for this chamber is in the lower half of this boss room. The door to the east leads to a hall without any enemies. The south end of the hall is home to Delec, one of three vendor Pawns in the dungeon. Delec sells some of the rare equipment you can find in the Everfall. Near Delec are two more chests. Following the path to the east leads to a room with another two chests, and the door to the next area. The door leads to the first floor of the next arena where you are beset by a couple of charging Giant Undead. The northeast part of this floor has some Specters waiting for you, and three more chests. Moving forward, ignoring the stairs up first, you will be ambushed by some more Specters, Giant Undead, and Undead before getting to the northwest end of the area. The last two chests for this chamber are here, but be careful of the Undead Warriors that come up from the ground. Finally, the second floor this time contains no chests, but just has some more Undead for more experience points and chances to get Wakestones or Wakestone Shards.


Chests with Rare Equipment found in Dragon's Dogma Chamber of Estrangement

This table shows the number of chests in the Chamber of Estrangement and the percent chance of finding each rare Equipment contained in them:



Chamber of Estrangement Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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