Rift Crystals in Dragon's Dogma are the currency for hiring Pawns found within and outside of the Rift. Rift Crystals can be earned through a multitude of ways such as having your pawn being hired on by another player, being given to you as a reward for the completion of Side Quests, or defeating monsters found around Gransys. Along with hiring pawns with Rift Crystals the player will also be able to use the crystals in order to purchase items at the Jonathan's Rift Shop located at the Encampment. The shop is located by the Rift Stone in the large tent.

You may also be able to purchase Rift Crystals via DLC micro-transactions.

A list of items taht may be purchased with Rift Crystals can be found below:

Johnathan's Rift Shop

Johnathan%27s Rift Shop map
Location Rift
Owner Johnathan
Shop Type Rift Crystals
Active Always

Johnathan is a merchant in Dragon's Dogma.

Johnathan's Rift Shop Information

Johnathan's Rift Shop specializes in cosmetics, personalities (of the Main Pawn) and unique Aneled weapons. As opposed to other shops, all exchanges here are done in Rift Crystals (RC) instead of Gold (G). All sales made are final because the game automatically saves once sales have been finalized.

Johnathan's Rift Shop's Inventory

The stock of the shop increases as you progress through the Game Progression Stages.


Elixir Cost Weight
Scather's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Medicant's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Mitigator's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Challenger's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Utilitarian's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Guardian's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Nexus's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Pioneer's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Acquisitor's Elixir 250 RC 0.12
Neutralizing Elixir 500 RC 0.12


Item Cost Weight
Black Eyeglasses 2,000 RC 0.07
Silver Eyeglasses 30,000 RC 0.07
Gold Eyeglasses 70,000 RC 0.07
Red Eyeglasses 300,000 RC 0.07

Aneled Weapons

Weapon Cost Weight
Undulant Black 1,000 RC 1.44
Aneled Bastard 1,500 RC 2.11
Aneled Obliteratrix 1,000 RC 2.77
Aneled Stings 1,500 RC 2.51
Soulbreaker 1,000 RC 4.98
Aneled Lance 1,500 RC 4.66
Aneled Pale 1,000 RC 5.46
Aneled Tooth 1,500 RC 6.42
Aneled Cyclops Sigil 2,000 RC 7.68
Aneled Stilettos 1,000 RC 0.94
Aneled Snags 1,500 RC 0.91
Aneled Grace 1,000 RC 1.08
Gleam of Heaven 1,500 RC 0.96
Aneled Claw 2,000 RC 0.93
Grevious Black 1,000 RC 1.36
Aneled Meniscus 1,500 RC 1.49
Eclipsed Providence 2,000 RC 1.41


Item Cost Weight
Solar Armor 1,000 RC 5.36
Asura Armor 2,000 RC 0.94
Gloves of Might 1,500 RC 1.46


Jewelry Cost Weight
Red Star Ring 10,000 RC 0.20
Red Star Earring 30,000 RC 0.20
Green Star Ring 20,000 RC 0.20
Green Star Earring 60,000 RC 0.20
Blue Star Ring 30,000 RC 0.20
Blue Star Earring 90,000 RC 0.20
Premium Ring 150,000 RC 0.20
Premium Earring 300,000 RC 0.20

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