Encourages teamwork (both with the Player and other pawns) and targeting known enemy weaknesses. Also encourages mages and sorcerers to use buffs (and use appropriate buffs if multiple options are available) and encourages fighters and warriors to grapple.

It works best as a primary, but *it's effectiveness as a primary hinges 2 factors:

  • Other pawn/s also having it as their primary
  • At least one Utilitarian prime pawn has knowledge of the opponent and so can call for the correct strategy

The reasons are simple. Pawns obviously can't target weaknesses or use strategies they don't know, and Utilitarian secondary pawns will use their knowledge to fight effectively (meaning it's always a good secondary) but don't respond well to other pawns calls or tactics.

*It is always great as a primary for mages and sorcerers, as it encourages the use of buffs and casting spells specifically intended to target enemy weaknesses.

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