Welcome to the main page of Pawns in Dragon's Dogma. This page is dedicated to Pawns basics that will give anyone in-depth knowledge in terms of these supporting characters' work. This feature should not be taken lightly as there is a level of depth that one needs to deep dive to make out of the said pawns. One can learn how your pawns behave, their equipment, level progression, possible customizations, and more. Plus, intricate AI tweaking is involved when fiddling with these Pawns which will also be explained. Not only does this page covers basic game knowledge about Pawns but also trivial facts such as their origins and more.


From this day, the legions men call " pawns " live and die by your command.

Basic overview of this page

For basics here are the topics that we will be exploring on this page. This overview is heavy in terms of in-game facts and terminologies about the subject including tips, guides, expanded information about pawns and more.

  • Know the basics and origins of Pawns.
  • Is there an Online mechanic involving Pawns?
  • How to summon your first Pawn.
  • How does Pawn equipment work?
  • What are Rift Crystals? And how to get more.
  • How does Pawn's AI work?
  • What are Inclinations?
  • Releasing and Hiring more Pawns.
  • How can one lend their Pawns online and contribute?


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Dragon's Dogma Pawns Guide

What Are Pawns In Dragon's Dogma?

In the world of Dragon's Dogma, Pawns are beings from a different realm who lack the capacity for emotions and independence. They exist solely to serve the Arisen and will remain loyal to them until the end of their existence. Although they have a human-like appearance, Pawns possess a distinctive glowing scar on their right hand that is meant to attract an Arisen. Every Arisen is accompanied by a Pawn, who shares the closest bond with their master. The Arisen has complete control over their Pawn's name, physical appearance, behavior, occupation, gender, equipment, and other aspects of their persona.

"Our fealty is sworn to you, Arisen."

pawns4 glowinghand dragons dogma wiki guide

What is the Rift in Dragon's Dogma?

The Rift in Dragon's Dogma is a transcendental realm that serves as a conduit between different Arisen and their respective Pawns. It is a limited space that houses only a singular Rift Stone, which is employed to search for and enlist Pawns, as well as depart from the Rift. To access the Rift, one must make use of the unique Riftstones that are distributed throughout the world of Gransys. By utilizing these stones, players can connect with other players' Pawns and hire them to accompany them on their quests. Kindly refer to our dedicated guide on how online and offline pawns work with a multitude of information on the Pawn Community page.

 "The pawns exist astride the rift. They speak of a multitude of worlds, each infinite unto itself."

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What is an Arisen in Dragon's Dogma?

The Arisen is an individual who has been chosen and given the daunting task of defeating the dragon that has taken away their heart. This leads them on a thrilling journey full of perilous situations, discovery, and exploration as they strive to regain their heart and confront the dragon that robbed them. Throughout their journey, they will encounter various obstacles, such as formidable monsters, treacherous landscapes, and other Arisen who are also seeking the dragon's power. Ultimately, the Arisen's triumph hinges on their abilities, bravery, and resoluteness as they embrace their fate and fulfill their role as the chosen one.

"Newly Arisen, walker of the path...take up arms. To me...come to me..."

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What is a Main Pawn in Dragon's Dogma?

Once you have learned about Rift Stones in the game, you have the option to create a bespoke Pawn that will accompany you on your journey. This particular Pawn is the only one that can be customized and upgraded by you. While you can switch your Pawn's Vocations between Basic and Advanced classes, this will be the one you primarily rely on as your closest companion throughout the game. Additionally, this specific Pawn can be registered online and utilized by other players in their games. Treat them as your trusted ally, willing to go through anything just to fulfill their purpose. Noting that your Main Pawn can only access basic to advance Vocations in the game, not the hybrid ones.

"My kind grows better able to serve the more we learn."

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What Are Riftstones in Dragon's Dogma?

Rift Stones serve as gateways that allow the player's character, the Arisen, to enter The Rift, a realm dedicated to Pawns. Within The Rift, the Arisen can search for specific Pawns, and hire and dismiss them as needed. Bitterblack Isle houses ten Riftstones in total, but nine of them are damaged and require repair before they can be used. This means that the player must expend Rift Crystals to restore them. As the player delves further into Bitterblack Isle, the cost of repairing the Riftstones becomes increasingly costly.  It is worth noting that the first Riftstone that the Arisen can find is in the Village of Cassardis. This will only provide the player with a predetermined Pawn named Rook. He will accompany your journey through the encampment and also provides you with a brief explanation of a Pawn's origin.

 pawn6 riftstonesnew dragons dogma wiki guide

How Does Online Mode Affect Pawns in Dragon's Dogma?

Compared to other games, Dragon's Dogma's protagonist, the Arisen, assists players in understanding how to recruit Pawns from the Pawn Community Page by using Riftstones scattered throughout the game world. Although the game does not include conventional multiplayer modes, players can still interact with each other and their respective game worlds by utilizing Pawns. The community can experience a wealth of entertainment by exchanging their Pawns, leading to a vast and varied pool of options. Each adventure can be unique and distinctive due to the diversity of Pawns available. Ultimately, players can choose to take on their enemies in a straightforward manner or opt for a more eclectic approach with pawns. Please consult our specialized guide located on the Pawn Community page, which contains a wealth of information regarding how both online and offline Pawns operate.

 pawn7 online dragons dogma wiki guide



Key Features of Pawns in Dragon's Dogma

How Does A Pawn Work?

In this section, one will be learning the basics of how regular and Main Pawns work. Not only they can fight for you but also bring you a multitude of advantages. Such as new knowledge about certain levels, treats, or quests. These pertain to the Main Pawns as they are the ones who can travel through The Rift and be used by other players. Note that these Pawns can also provide you with different rewards when they serve another player. It is also worth mentioning that this guide will cover hiring and releasing Pawns and the key items needed for you to constantly get new pawns according to your needs.

  • To begin with, after you complete your first Riftstone trial, you'll design a Main Pawn who will accompany you consistently. Afterward, you have the option to summon up to two supplementary pawns for a combined maximum group of four.
  • You have the choice of picking support pawns from either the pawns produced by the game or those created by other users. These pawns can be encountered either while they roam around the game world or inside the rift. When playing online, the pawns visible to you will be a blend of game-generated and user-created pawns, but when offline, you will only come across those produced by the game.
  • The abilities and behavior of the Main Pawn are adjustable, but the same cannot be said for the support pawns, as their skills and AI are fixed.
  • Main Pawns have the ability to level up and acquire fresh abilities, while support pawns do not possess this capability. Hence, it is essential to frequently dismiss and recruit new support pawns as you progress through the game. Note that you can also change the Main Pawn's Vocation or its class. Which will be explained later on.
    The equipment of support pawns can be modified, but any newly provided gear will remain with the pawn as a "gift."
  • Pawns have the capacity to carry and store items in their inventory.
  • Main Pawns have the ability to gather information on the regions, creatures, and missions encountered in a player's game world, and convey this knowledge to their creator. They can provide guidance on overcoming obstacles, activating switches, issuing warnings, and more. This gameplay feature is known as "Pawn Travel Knowledge."


For more information on how to hire or create your Main Pawn in the game, kindly check the Pawn Community page for a detailed guide.

Your First Predetermined Pawn " Rook "

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More Information About Hiring Pawns

  • There are two ways to acquire pawns in the game: by discovering them in the game world or by accessing The Rift through a Riftstone.
  • If you wish to recruit pawns that are at a higher level than your own, you will need to use Rift Crystals.
    It is worth noting that pawns belonging to friends on your player list can be hired for free, regardless of their level.
  • To keep a pawn in your party while recruiting another, you can interact with the pawn you wish to retain and choose the "Toggle Retain Pawn" option.

More Information About Releasing Pawns

  • If you wish to release a pawn, you can do so manually by using the Release command within The Rift. Prior to sending them away, you have the option to give them a gift to pass on to their creator and provide a rating based on their appearance, helpfulness, and battle performance. Moreover, you can leave a comment while releasing the pawn.
  • In the event that a pawn dies during gameplay, they will be automatically removed from the party and released. A dead pawn will not be eligible to receive any gifts or ratings, and will instead be assigned an average rating automatically.
  • If your party is already at maximum capacity, you can exchange a pawn by hiring a new one. This action will prompt you to select a pawn to release. Following your selection, you can follow the same steps as with manual release, and the chosen pawn will be released. It is the sole circumstance under which a pawn can be manually released from outside The Rift.



More Information About Main Pawns

Main Pawn Characteristics & Customization

We have a basic knowledge of how Main Pawn works in the introductory part and once you have acquired knowledge about Riftstones, you can design a personalized Pawn that will journey alongside you throughout the game. This Pawn is unique in that it can be customized and leveled up exclusively by you. While you have the option to alter your Pawn's vocation, you are restricted to Basic and Advanced Vocations. This Pawn serves as your primary ally in the game and is the one that can be registered online for other players to use.

  • Name & Moniker.
  • Body Build.
  • Voice.
  • Inclinations ( AI behavior ).
  • Vocations ( Classes ).
  • Equipment.
  • Can Receive EXP points.
  • Increase its level over time.
  • Can learn new skills.


Main Pawn's Vocation

Similar to the Arisen, your main pawn can also take advantage of Vocations or classes in Dragon's Dogma. Player pawns are restricted to using Basic and Advanced vocations for their main Pawn and are unable to utilize Hybrid vocations. Here's a basic overview of the classes but for a detailed one exploring the topic, it is worth checking our dedicated page for Vocations.

Basic Vocations

icon Vocation Fighter Fighter

fighter vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

"A melee specialist with attacks and counterattacks able to cut through any resistance. Wields swords and shields"

icon Vocation Strider Strider

strider vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

"This nimble warrior can both mount and attack foes, and use a bow to strike from afar. Wields daggers and bows"

icon Vocation Mage Mage

mage vocation dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

"A conjurer of magicks to heal wounds and target elemental weaknesses. Wields a staff"


Advanced Vocations

icon Vocation Warrior Warrior

warrior vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

"A fighter especially skilled at melee combat, and who is unafraid of death. Wields longswords and warhammers"

icon Vocation Ranger Ranger

ranger vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

"A strider whose exceptional bow skills make them a deadly threat from afar. Wields daggers and longbows"

icon Vocation Sorcerer Sorcerer

sorcerer vocations dragons dogma wiki guide 300px

"A mage adept at all forms of magick, including punishing, offensive spells. Wields an archistaff"



What Are Inclinations in Dragon's Dogma?

Inclinations are crucial in creating a highly effective pawn. Not all inclinations are compatible with every vocation, and certain inclinations are much less desirable than others. In essence, inclinations determine the AI behavior of the pawn. A pawn has two inclinations that are displayed in the "Status" section of the pause menu: a primary and a secondary inclination. The tertiary inclination can be uncovered during a conversation at the Knowledge Chair. Inclinations can evolve based on Arisen's actions. A list of Inclinations has been provided along with their basic purpose or effect.


pawns2 inclination dragons dogma wiki guide


Pawns Inclination List

  • The Nexus: Causes the pawn to assist other pawns in the party.
  • The Pioneer: Directs the pawn to scout ahead and be vigilant for potential threats.
  • The Guardian: Instructs the pawn to remain close to and protect the Arisen.
  • The Medicant: Prompts the pawn to prioritize healing and keeping the party healthy.
  • The Acquisitor: Motivates the pawn to search for items in the area regardless of the situation.
  • The Challenger: Directs the pawn to prioritize attacking enemies using ranged or magick.
  • The Scather: Directs the pawn to target stronger enemies first.
  • The Mitigator: Directs the pawn to target weaker enemies first.
  • The Utilitarian: Prompts the pawn to adapt its strategies to provide advantages to allies.


This is a brief list of Inclinations and for a much more detailed guide on how to tweak Inclinations, see our dedicated page for Inclinations.


What Are Rift Crystals in Dragon's Dogma?

Rift Crystals are a valuable currency in Dragon's Dogma that can be earned in various ways throughout the game. One of the main uses of these crystals is hiring pawns. While the more powerful and useful the player's pawn is, the more likely it is to be hired by other players, which in turn will earn Rift Crystals for the player. Additionally, defeating enemies and completing quests can also yield Rift Crystals.

Types of Rift Crystals

There are various types of Rift Crystals in the game and each of them provides a different amount of crystals

  • Rift Fragments: provides 100 Rift Crystals
  • Rift Crystal: provides 400 Rift Crystals
  • Rift Cluster: provides 800 Rift Crystals

Dark Arisen Rift Crystal Types

These types of crystals were added in the enhanced version of Dragon's Dogma which is Drak Arisen. It is worth noting that these crystals may only drop in Bitterblack Isle which is one of the new areas.

  • Rift Crystal Speck: provides 30 Rift Crystals
  • Rift Crystal Flake: provides 50 Rift Crystals
  • Rift Crystal Chunk: provides 200 Rift Crystals
  • Rift Bicrystal: provides 2,000 Rift Crystals
  • Rift Polycrystal: provides 5,000 Rift Crystals
  • Perfect Rift Crystal provides: 10,000 or more Rift Crystals


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How Can You Contribute as an Arisen?

These Fextralife Community members are providing their main pawn for hire. To hire them, send a friend request and enter The Rift once they have accepted. Please note that the list is open and kindly let us know if you want to add yours.

Online Name Platform Pawn Name Pawn Level Pawn Vocation
Banditjingx Playstation 4 Karen 40 Warrior
bsmit774 Playstation 4 Maya 24 Strider


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