Stage 3 is a game stage in Dragon's Dogma. It takes place after completing 1 of the Wyrm Hunt Quests until completion of the Main Story Quest Come to Court. Several Side Quests become available during this stage and some must be completed before moving on to the next stage, or they will be lost/failed. This page can be used as a progression checklist for events you do not want to miss, and for those looking to complete a perfect playthrough.

Stage 3 Information


  • Leaving Gran Soren by the south gate triggers a convoy under attack by a Goblin band, and upon approaching the fight, a Griffin will enter the fray.
  • Completing the second Wyrm Hunt Quest will make Come to Court available. Accepting the quest will make the Duke's Demesne available but will cancel any remaining Wyrm Hunt Quests and several SIde Quests.

Main Story Quests

Must complete at least 1 of the following in addition to the 1 completed in Stage 2:

Side Quests That Become Available

  • None


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