The Abbey


As one of the eldest nuns who currently resides at the Abbey, I  have devoted my life to maintaining the graces of the deceased. Some may see this task as thankless, but it has given my life profound meaning. When not tending to the graves we most often pass out time with study, prayer, and reflection. Occasionally one of the local villagers will abandon a child on our doorstep. These children are taken into the Abbey, cared for, and eventually trained in our ways, Once they've reached the proper age, they join us in our work; fostering youth and honoring death.

~ Clarus

The Abbey is a Location in Dragon's Dogma. The Abbey is a structure east of the Prayer falls, a riftstone can be found next to the entrance of The Abbey.  The main story of Dragon's Dogma takes place in the province of Gransys, located within the context of a larger world, including a populated mainland. Gransys itself is a lush fantasy landscape with varied topography, including forests, mountains and canyons, rivers, and beaches.


The Abbey Map

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All The Abbey NPCs in Dragon's Dogma

All The Abbey Merchants in Dragon's Dogma


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Dragon's Dogma The Abbey Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses

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  • Deer
  • Crows


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The Abbey Walkthrough

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