Leaper's Ledge

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Leaper's Ledge is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

Leaper's Ledge Information

"Being a looter's galore, this secluded site is hidden deep inside Soulflayer Canyon, rewarding generously those who find it."

How to Find Leaper's Ledge

  1. Go to one of the lower areas in the Canyon, where Sulfur Saurians and Phantasms are found. This area can be reached via a rock tunnel from the bottom of the canyon.
  2. Head Northwest on the inclined path from there , in the opposite direction to the small stream that runs down the path.
  3. You should find a ladder that leads up to further platforms and an exit. Don't take the ladder.
  4. Instead, head West, around the rock face till you reach a rock slide down the Leaper's edge.

NOTE : Pawns have a puzzling suicidal tendency here, trying to make it across the leaper's ledge, but failing and returning to the rift.


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