Healing Spring

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Healing Spring is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

Healing Spring Information

"Pools of white luminous water, disgorged from the top of a glowing upright edifice."

  • Healing springs are found in 3 different locations across Gransys.
  • These springs gradually heal HP, restore stamina and clear any status debilitations for those who immerse themselves in it.
  • The spring also grants Impervious for a short while after leaving it.
  • You can use Empty Flask to bottle some of the Spring Water to use as healing potions on your journey. Only HP will be restored this way.


The locations of Healing Springs in Dragon's Dogma are shown below:
  1. Northwest of Gran Soren, to the east of the main gate of The Catacombs, west of Windbluff Tower.
  2. Northern most tip of the map, just to the Northwest of the rear entrance Blighted Manse.
  3. In Verda Woodlands, to the West of the Eradication Site and to the North of Conqueror's Sanctuary.

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