Bitterblack Isle

Notice Boards


Bitterblack Isle is a location in Dragon's Dogma. It is the featured location that was added with the Dark Arisen expansion.

Bitterblack Isle Information

Bitterblack Isle is home to some of the deadliest creatures in the game including Death and while Capcom recommends a minimum level of 55 to play through the content, some players may find it beneficial to be much higher to progress through the location at a reasonable pace. It is a sprawling maze of chambers and is similar in concept to The Everfall during Endgame.

It is the only location of the game where special cursed Equipment can be found. These items can be reclaimed via Purification performed by Olra. The Isle is also home to plants, ore and creatures that are unique to the area.

Getting to Bitterblack Isle

To reach the isle initially, approach the pier at Cassardis at night and speak with Olra. She will ferry you to the shore of Bitterblack Isle, where you will find a notice board and the entrance to the chambers. Afterwards, speak with Olra to move back and forth between Bitterblack Isle and Cassardis.

Inns and Merchants

  • Barroch provides merchant services here, he moves his location as you progress

Notice Boards

  • There is one notice board here, located at the pier where Olra waits.


First Floor

  • Point of Interest

Second Floor

  • Point of Interest

Third Floor

  • Point of Interest



Pawn Travel Knowledge

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