"Use your shield to block an enemy's attack."
Type Core Skills
Vocations icon Vocation Fightericon Vocation Assassin
Weapons Shields
Element -
Rank Available Default
Cost N/A

Defend is a Skill in Dragon's Dogma that can be used by Fighters and Assassins. Some Skills are shared between Vocations - when you buy a Skill, it can be accessed by any Vocation that can use it and doesn't have to be purchased again when swapping Vocations. New Skills can be bought using Discipline Points and changed at Inns around Gransys.


Dragon's Dogma Defend Effects

Defend has the following effects:

  • Performed by holding block. Uses Stamina


Defend Dragon's Dogma Requirements

These are the requirements to unlock and use Defend:

  • Vocations: icon Vocation Fightericon Vocation Assassin
  • Weapons: Shields
  • Rank Available: Default
  • Cost: N/A


Dragon's Dogma Defend Upgrades

Some Skills have advanced forms that have stronger effects that can range from more damage, having a longer duration, being able to hit more enemies etc.
This is the advancement path for Defend:


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