Dragon's Dogma

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Name Dragon's Dogma
Release Date NA: May 22nd 2012
JP/AU: May 24th 2012
EU: May 25th 2012
Genre Action RPG
Platform/s Xbox 360, PlayStation®3
Rating M: Mature 17+
Price TBC
Online No
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom

Dragon's Dogma is an open world, third person role-playing video game developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game features a focus on combat against creatures from fantasy and mythology and was released in North America on May 22, 2012, in Japan and Australia on May 24, 2012 and in Europe on May 25, 2012. Dragon's Dogma revolves around the player character dubbed the Arisen and their ties to the main antagonist, the Dragon.

A subsequent stand alone title called Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen was released which includes all the content from Dragon's Dogma, including most DLC quests, and added a new locale and enemies. The game was a surprise success and as a result Capcom is planning to develop a sequel. Dragon's Dogma:Dark Arisen was released for PC on January 15th 2016, featuring high resolution graphics. See Console to PC Differences for details.


Dragon's Dogma Story Overview

"Welcome to the vast expanse of Gransys Island. An outlandish adventure awaits, taking you across a dynamic,
connected world peppered with dangerous dungeons--nests to the perilous monsters that lurk in their shadows!"

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In Dragon's Dogma, players take control of a villager from the village of Cassardis. When a dragon unexpectedly wreaks havoc on the small fishing village, the character is one of the only people able to take a stand against the creature. Acknowledging this, the Dragon proceeds to take the character's heart, marking them as the Arisen.

Without any knowledge as to how they survived the fatal attack or why people labelled as Pawns start to appear before them, the Arisen sets out on a journey to find the answers to these questions and to answer the Dragon's call to face them, and take their heart back.


Dragon's Dogma Key Features


In Dragon's Dogma, character classes come in the form of vocations, each of which have their own unique playstyle. Note that the weapons characters have access to are dependent on which vocation they are currently using. Players start off with the choice between 3 base vocations, which they can later on change to either more advanced versions or hybrid versions. Each Pawn can take up any vocation, except hybrid ones, allowing flexible party setups. Here are the  9 vocations you can choose from:

  • Fighter - A tanky melee user that utilises counterattacks to overpower their enemies. Wields swords and shields.
  • Strider - A dexterous heavy-hitter that can make most use of the game's unique scaling mechanics. Wields daggers and bows.
  • Mage - A defensive magick user specialising in healing and buffing allies. Wields staves.
  • Warrior - A bursty DPS unit that runs straight into the heart of the battle. Wields longswords and warhammers.
  • Ranger - A long-ranged sniper able to effectively disrupt and pick off enemies. Wields daggers and longbows.
  • Sorcerer - The classic glass-canon offensive magick user able to decimate enemies in a wide area. Wields archistaves.
  • Mystic Knight - A melee-oriented magick user capable of both dealing damage and supporting their allies. Wields swords, maces, staves, and magick shields.
  • Assassin - A unit versatile at any range, able to bolster their already powerful attacks into extremely lethal ones. Wields swords. daggers, shields, and bows.
  • Magick Archer - A tactical ranged unit able to imbue their projectiles with  magical effects. Wields magick bows, daggers, and staves.

Character Customization

Each player will go through the same story, the same tribulations, however, that doesn't mean you all have to look the same. Dragon's Dogma features a comprehensive character customization system. Upon starting the game, players will be able to customize their Arisen's gender, hairstyle, facial features, body type, height, weight, and more, with some choices affecting gameplay including their Arisen's stamina regeneration and how much weight they can carry before getting encumbered. Besides their Arisen, players have the option to customize their main Pawn with the same amount of detail. These character features can later be changed through 'Metamorphosis. Armor choices also affect how characters look, allowing flexibility in character fashion so that players can save the world in style!


Dragon's Dogma doesn't feature traditional multiplayer modes. Instead, online play comes in the form of hiring other players Pawns. By exchanging player IDs, you and your friends can enjoy the story with each other's created characters, even when you're not playing at the same time. Pawns hired by other people keep any knowledge they gain from the quests they finish, activities they go through, and places they visit and can use this knowledge to aid their main Arisen when they go to tackle the same content in the player's session.

Pawn's keep their original skills, stats, inclinations, and commands which cannot be modified by anyone except their main Arisen. Players can opt, however, to change other players' Pawn's equipment, which will be given to the Pawn's original player as a gift after being dismissed. Pawns can be hired and dismissed in the Rift and players are prompted to give gifts to the other player when dismissing their pawn.

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