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The XXX is a (hard, easy, refined, simple, challenging) vocation in Dragon's Dogma. They have access to a variety of (weapons,spells) and can execute (offensive, defensive) roles. This class is a (starting, intermediate, advanced) class. It's strong in (ranged, melee) situations and will need party assistance with (range, melee).
  • Primary Weapon: link to weapon page
  • Secondary Weapon: link to weapon page
  • Primary Offensive stat: link to stat page
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Quick Vocation Guide

  • Your Job
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  • Skill Overview
    • Dagger Skills
    • Sword Skills
    • Bow Skills
  • Equipment
    List of best items for the class and where to find them
  • Key Skills:
    • Skill 1
    • Skill 2
    • Skill 3
  • Suggested Support
    Party Makeup, etc
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Cost to Max Skills

Sword Skills
Shield Skills
Sword & Dagger Skills
Bow Skills
Core Skills


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