Type Monster
XP 16,000
Health 100,000
Attack 2,700
Defense 240
Magic Attack 1,000
Magick Defense 240
Weight 48,000 kg

Hydra is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Hydra Information

"Even the bravest man would surely gasp at the sight of the great, demonic serpent that is the hydra. The black scales that cover its body seem to beckon ill luck and the body that stretches well over a hundred feet splits at last into four horrible heads.

The trouble lies in the fact that those four heads each possesses a mind of its own and will act against you independently if you approach it as an enemy. Even one of the heads would be a formidable enemy, so it is probably easy to imagine the threat that four can pose when attacking simultaneously.

The hydra has great size and dreadful strength, but its intelligence is on par with its reptilian appearance. In the end, its destructive tendencies and various attacks are nothing more than the result of base instinct.

The hydra possesses such horrifying life force that it can even regenerate its heads if they are cut off once."





Head Destroyed


Related Quest


Pawn Bestiary Knowledge



  • Very strong against Dark magick.
  • Weak against Fire spells and enchanted weapons.
  • Immune to debilitations.
  • Cutting one of its head and setting it on fire will delay the regeneration of its head.


Damage Taken

  • Slash: (110%)
  • Bash: (50%)
  • Fire: (60%)
  • Ice: (30%)
  • Thunder: (30%)
  • Holy: (60%)
  • Dark: (10%)



Skill Description
Charge A powerful charge that knocks foes over.
Neck Smash If a neck, is being climbed, that head will smash itself to the ground.
Head Strike A head smash that stabs the ground.
Tail Whip Spins around and whips enemies with its tail. Has long reach.
Miasma Spit Sprays up to four jets of deadly miasma that have long range and linger on the ground for a time after being sprayed. Causes Poison. Poisoned prey will not be able to struggle when the Hydra attempts to devour them.

Attempts to swallow the Arisen or a pawn; players who fail to free themselves (wiggle the L-stick) when swallowed will die if they are not freed before reaching the main body. Pawns swallowed and not freed in time cannot be revived and must be re-hired.

Solo Arisens who fail to free themselves will die instantly and do not get to see themselves sliding down the Hydra's throat.

Solo Arisens poisoned by Miasma Spit will not be able to struggle to free themselves and will be instantly killed by being swallowed.  

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