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Brine is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Brine Information


  • Brine are tiny mist-like creatures that live in the large bodies of water surrounding, and sometimes within, Gransys, and are very dangerous. Their existence makes it extremely difficult to enter rivers or the ocean, or travel through them.



  • Large bodies of water



  • Brine are usually found in deep water, so don't fear crossing rivers but there are river areas that are Brine-infested but only in deep water level areas.
  • An easy way of killing boss is to lure them into Brine-infested waters but in turn you will lose the chance of any loot.
  • Any items and equipment Hired Pawns carry when consumed by the Brine is safely returned to the inventory of the Arisen who hired them, not to their creator's Arisen.

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