Trophies and Achivements for Dragon's Dogma .

  • Time to Platinum: 90+ hours (No online trophies)
  • Platinum Difficulty: 7/10
  • Playthroughs required: 2 You must complete the main storyline at least twice to attain the platinum trophy.
  • Missable Trophies: Multiple trophies can be missed throughout your playthroughs


Most Efficient way to Platinum:

  1. First Playthrough: Play the game normally, and enjoy discovering everything you can. You may use this Walkthrough to understand game progression stages.
  2. Second Playthrough: You will want to begin NG+ to see other endings and the Ur Dragon.
  3. Optional / Cheat / Shortcut: You can play the game on easy and focus on not missing any quests and trophies without much challenge.


Dragon's Dogma Trophy & Achievement Guide

All trophies can be attained through a minimum of two playthroughs and it is recommended to finish all pre-planned missions once they have been found on NG+. You should not confuse “Post Game” with NG+, the former is simply a free roam dungeon that opens up before the playthrough's end, when you fall through the Everfall. For more information on the game visit the game's wiki


The True Arisen


Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies.

The platinum trophy is acquired when all other trophies are unlocked.



The Laborer

Completed fifty quests off the notice board.

Completing these missions can be done over multiple playthroughs and these missions can be found off of Notice Boards found at the Cassardis Inn, The Encampment, Union Inn, Pawn Guild, and Gran Soren Alehouse.



The Hero

Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

It's strongly recommended that all pre-planned quests are started after completing the game the first time. Pre-planned quests can normally be found throughout the world after completing certain main quest missions. There are main quests and side quests, and you should always continue all side quests before progressing main quests unless otherwise indicated.

The List



Human Resources

Changed your vocation.

Simply change your vocation at the Union Inn at Gran Soren.


The Veteran

Killed over 3,000 enemies.

This trophy is not too hard to attain, however patience is required in order to kill this many enemies. The amount of kills does not change once the game is completed and restarted, so it rolls over to New Game Plus


Local Recruit

Directly enlisted a pawn to your party

Enlisting a pawn on a local is not hard to do as you can find pawns that dwell throughout the world. However a well populated location to hire local pawns is near the Pawn Guild at Gran Soren. Simply walk up to a pawn and recruit


Foreign Recruit

Enlisted a pawn from beyond the rift to your party.

Simply enlist a pawn into your party using a riftstone to access a wider range of pawns.


The Captain

Enlisted a large number of pawns.

Enlist at least 70 pawns into your party. You can do this locally or via riftstone. You can also enlist the same pawn multiple times into your party and it will still count towards the amount of pawns enlisted. It is recommended you do this in offline mode to bypass the gifting and rating sections.


Inhuman Resources

Changed the vocation of your main pawn.

Simply change the vocation of your main pawn at the Union Inn found within Gran Soren.


The Savior

Used a wakestone to restore the dead to life.

There are two ways to go about doing this. One is by completing the mission Reaper's Scorn or by using a wakestone when a NPC is killed or on yourself when you have been killed. Wakestones are commonly found within the Everfall (post game area) and can also be created upon finding three wakestone shards on the normal landscape.


The Knave

Obtained a forgery.

A simple trophy, all that needs to be done is to give an item that is considered ‘rare' to the NPC at the Black Cat. Another way of doing this is by going onto the rooftop of the Black Cat; here you should be able to find a chest with a forged wakestone shard. Picking up this shard should earn the trophy.


The Craftsman

Combined two materials to make an item.

A relatively easy trophy to earn, just find two items that can be combined together and combine them. A list of items can be found on this page.


Well Equiped

Obtained 350 total pieces of weapons and armor.

This trophy takes a while to achieve as there are quite a few pieces of rare armor and weapons. The recommended approach to this trophy is to buy all pieces of equipment and weapons from each vendor found within the world, completing notice board and pre-planned quests, and defeating or participating in fighting the Ur-Dragon. A full list of weapons can be found here while a full list of armor can be found here. You should keep note of what you have had so you can sell items and recover some cash to reinvest in new ones that count for the trophy.


A Queen's Regalia

Dress a male member of your party in a dress.

Simply recruit a male member of the party, after this go to the Black Cat found in Gran Soren and buy Lady's Garb, once the garb has been bought equip it to the male pawn. For more information about this trophy visit here.


The Philanthrophist

Gave 50 presents.

Simply give away fifty presents to NPCs. It doesn't matter who the NPC is that you give the presents to, the amount of presents given away is not affected by the completion and start of a new game.


The Escort

Acted as a reliable travel companion.

Simply complete an escort quest found within the game. An easy way to do this is to accept and complete Guard Duty one of the first escort quests available in the game. To access this quest simply complete Call of the Arisen and head back towards Cassardis once arriving head to the inn, where Madeleine will offer you the mission.


Affinity and Beyond

Raised a person's affinity to maximum.

An easy way to complete this is simply to complete all of the missions that pertain to the NPC Aelinore. You will first be able to do this when a cutscene points to her in the mission Come to Court. Continue to complete both Arousing Suspicion and Duchess in Distress, keeping her alive in both, and she will develop a max affinity for you. It is also easy to obtain highest affinity with Madeleine if you complete the quests to help her open her shop and later on skip town.


Into Dripstone Cave

Entered into the Azure Caverns.

To enter into this area the player must first be offered the mission Deep Trouble found within Cassardis. After this mission has been accepted the player will be able to enter into the well within Cassardis.


Into Soulflayer Cavern

Entered into the Soulflayer Cavern

There are two entrances to Soulflayer Cavern one that is beyond the Greatwall in Cursewood and the other under the path that leads to the Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort. There are no quest requirements to enter the area however you must complete Honor and Treachery before the cockatrice will appear here.


Into the Ancient Quarry

Enter into the Ancient Quarry.

There are two ways to enter into the quarry, one of which is through the southern entrance and the other through the northern entrance. It is recommended to enter through the northern entrance however as you will be asked to complete the mission Of Merchants and Monsters after this mission's completion this area will become a non-hostile area where your stamina will not deplete. It is also an important shortcut connecting regions that you will use for escort missions.


Into the Manse

Entered into the Duke's Manse.

To enter into this area the player must first complete Arousing Suspicion afterwards the player will be able to confront the NPC Mirabelle after accepting, but not completing, the quest Deny Salvation. Afterwards the quest Duchess in Distress will allow the player to enter into the Manse.


Into the Frontier Caverns

Entered into the Southwestern caverns.

To enter into the Frontier Caverns the player must first enter into the Shadow Fort shortly after doing this you will be able to see holes dug within the ground. In one of the holes off to the right you will find the entrance to the Frontier Caverns.


The Tourist

Visited 50 locations.

A relatively easy trophy, it just takes a bit of time to visit all locations within the game. However they aren't spaced out very far and there are only 178 locations within the game.


The Vagabond

Visited 100 locations.

A relatively easy trophy, it just takes a bit of time to visit all locations within the game. However they aren't spaced out very far and there are only 178 locations within the game.


The Explorer

Visited 150 locations.

A relatively easy trophy, it just takes a bit of time to visit all locations within the game. However they aren't spaced out very far and there are only 178 locations within the game. Image via Wikia


Click to Enlarge! Dragon's Dogma Monster Spawn Locations Map



The Ever-Turning Wheel

Completed the adventure a second time.

Simply complete the main storyline a second time. Nothing else is required for this trophy.



The Coin Collector

Earned a total of 10,000,000 G.

Two highly recommended ways to do go about doing this easily is to use the ‘Suasion' skill when selling items and by using the wakestones that are dropped within the Everfall and selling them. Note: You do not need to have 10,000,000 G on you to earn the achievement. The way the trophy is earned is through your lifetime earnings within the game, so buying and reselling gear is an option.



The Patron

Helped Madeleine open her shop.

This trophy is a rather complex one that can easily be missed. After completing the mission Upon a Pawn head back to the inn at Cassardis, here you can be assigned a mission by the NPC Madeleine. After the completion of this quest continue to move forward in the game. After the completion of two missions, A Matter of Myrmidons and Lure of the Abyss, an NPC named ‘Mason' will offer you a quest named Chasing Shadows. Once this quest is completed talk to Madeleine. Note: Some players will have to leave Gran Soren and return before Madeleine opens her shop.



It Begins

Completed the Prologue.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Just kill the boss found within the prologue.




Departed from Cassardis.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Simply leave Cassardis upon waking up.



A New Ally

Summoned your own pawn.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Summon your person pawn after leaving Cassardis.



Getting A Head

Earned the approval of the Enlistment Corps.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Severe the head off of the mandatory boss.



The Courier

Entered Gran Soren.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed.



Writ Large

Received a writ from the castle.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Just visit the Pawn Guild and Everfall after arriving in Gran Soren.



Come Courting

Attended an audience with the duke.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Complete three of the four quests given to you.



The Message

Received the Duke's commendation.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Simply visit the Duke when given the ability to.



Rough Landing

Completed the urgent mission.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Finish the quest: Deny Salvation



Accepted the Godsbane blade.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Attained during the quest: The Final Battle.



Peered into the very depths of the world.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Visit the king in Gran Soren in Post-Game.



Escaped the yoke of eternity.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Use the Godsbane blade after the defeat of the last boss.



Dealt the blow of deliverance.

This is a story based quest that cannot be missed. Deal the final blow to the last boss.



Obtained the mighty power of sovereignty.

This can be attained by choosing not to fight the dragon when you're given a choice to do so. However choosing this option will end in a ‘game over' screen.



Soar unto a new world.

When first fighting the last boss use the godsbane during the fight. However after the cutscene is done you will be sent to a ‘game over' screen.



Took refuge in an illusion.

After the first defeat of the last boss, choose to walk away when the boss offers you the chance to. You will see a copy of yourself before initiating a cutscene, after this cutscene a ‘game over' screen will appear.



Put an end to all things.

Use the Godsbane after the defeat of the final boss.



Defeated a hydra or archydra.

This can only be attained in post-game. There are, however, two ways to go about collecting this trophy. One of the ways is to defeat the Archydra found within the Chamber of Hesitation in the Everfall. The other way to get this trophy is to defeat the Hydra found within the Frontier Caverns during the quest: A Challenge. The Everfall's chambers as below:



Eye Contact

Defeated an evil eye.

This can only be attained in post-game. There are three places that these enemies can be found depending on if the DLC is installed. The first two can be found within the Everfall found in the Chamber of Confusion and Chamber of Sorrow. They can also be found on the Rotunda of Dread on Bitterblack Isle too.


Serpents' Bane

Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.

This can only be attained in post-game. The drake is one of the only dragon kin that can be found post-game, if you simply progress through the story finding it should be easy as it is found close to the Shadow Fort other locations where the drake can be found are the Estan Plains, Conqueror's Sanctuary, and in the Chamber of Fate within the Everfall. There are two wyrms found throughout the game with one being found at the end of the Watergod's Altar in post-game and the other can be found within the Chamber of Distress in the Everfall. There are also two wyverns found within the game with one being found on conquest road and the other at the end of Bluemoon Tower both in post-game. For more information on these creatures visit: Drake, Wyrm, Wyvern.


The Messiah

Defeated the Ur-Dragon.

This is only available in post-game within the everfall. Due to the nature of the online Ur-Dragon fight it is highly recommended that you fight the Ur-Dragon offline due to the large health pool it will probably have. However if approaching this online it is recommended to fight it when it has considerably low health and to use the Maker's Finger when fighting it.


Dragon Forged

Strengthened equipment in Wyrmfire.

Whenever you defeat dragon-kind, there is a chance that your equipment will become dragon-forged. There are multiple ways to go about doing this. One of the most preferred is killing the dragon in the quest Final Battle as there are no armor requirements for the upgrade. However a full guide to dragonforging weapons and armor can be found here.


The Specialist

Learned all of the skills of a single vocation.

Depending on the vocation being used this can be attained on the first playthrough as long as you keep your vocation the same either at the start of the game or as soon as you change it within Gran Soren. You will unlock this as you progress into the game and level up, so it is not something you should plan in advance.

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