The Watergod's Altar

Type Main Story Quest
Giver Ser Maximilian
Location The Watergod's Altar
Prerequisite Lure of the Abyss + Wyrm Hunt License
Next Quest Other Wyrm Hunt Quests or Come to Court

The Watergod's Altar is a quest in Dragon's Dogma

The Watergod's Altar

"Protect a survey party investigating ruins that may offer new insights on the dragon."

Quest Objective


  1. Speak with Father Geffrey
  2. Find the Missing Brother
  3. Report Jean's Demise to Haslett
  4. Investigate the Ruins


Quest Rewards


  1. 13,000 Gold
  2. 15,000 Exp.
  3. 20 Rift Crystals

Quest Walkthrough

You obtain this quest as part of th Wyrm Hunt quests for stage 3. Once you have talked to Maximilian, head south to the encampment and stop at the midway bridge. Look behind the tents to find a path leading to a waterfall and a small stream. You can loot the area and follow upstream towards a cave. Make sure you have a lamp and that you and your companions have plenty of carrry weight to spare, as there are several heavy quest items. 

A monk here charges you with finding his lost companion. Go into the cave and defeat several saurians until you find a central location with a Cyclops. Once the beast is defeated, pick up the small round object and inspect the corpse in the room. 

Go outside to tell the monk of his deceased friend and then go back in to gather the necessary slabs. You will have to use the red orb to open a hidden path, then find your way down to drain the water and explore the rooms completely.


Once you gather all objectives return to the monk and set maximilian

Quest Notes



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