Seeker's Token

Quest Items
556 G
Forgery Cost
2390 G

Seeker's Token is an Item in Dragon's Dogma.

Seeker's Token Information

"A relic from another age."



  • Found across Gransys in containers such as crates, boxes, barrels, as well as chests:
  • Everfall (Post-Game) - on a ledge inside the first passage to the left after coming to the first portcullis
  • The Tainted Mountain Peak - to the east, by the ballistas.
  • Cassardis x2 - just outside the city gate, up a cliff and another on the beach close by, just before The Encampment
  • Duke's Demesne x2: behind the staircase in the Audience Chamber
  • The Blighted Manse x2: There is one over the second bridge , and another is by the bandits in the open area.
  • Bloodwater Beach x2 : one in a pile near the tent just before the beach. The other in a pile on a cliff just by the eastern wall of the path to the beach.
  • The Bluemoon Tower x4: One by the entrance, to the left. Another on a ledge behind the griffin statue by the entrance. Third one by a ledge directly above the second token. And lastly on the first floor, through the door using in Griffin's Bane, at the end of the path on the right.

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