Periapts in Dragon's Dogma are single use charms that confer different benefits.


Angel's Periapt
Effect: Affects a single target, boosts Defense for 60 seconds.

Banker's Periapt
Effect: Doubles the coins earned from slaying foes for 300 seconds.

Conqueror's Periapt
Effect: Boosts Strength for 60 seconds.

Demon's Periapt
Effect: Boosts Magick for 60 seconds.

Mage's Periapt
Effect: Boosts Magick Defense for 60 seconds.

Monk's Periapt
Effect: Removes all Debilitations and grants Impervious which prevents user from being inflicted with Debilitations for 90 seconds.

Veteran's Periapt
Effect: Grants Weal for 300 seconds, doubling experience gained from killing enemies. Stackable.

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