Health in Dragon's Dogma refers to a character's Hit Points or HP. It determines maximum damage intake without any protection. The amount of damage taken during regular gameplay is however calculated by counting both equipment and a character's defensive stats (physical and magick). See the Health page for details on damage and augments that affect Health.

Dragon's Dogma has two types of damage:
      • Indirect Health Damage: It displays as a grey section on the health bar. This damage may be restored with Magick spells.
      • Direct Health Damage: Also known as Wounding, it displays as a transparent section on the health bar. This damage cannot be healed except with curatives such as Greenwarish, rendering spell healing useless. The damage signifies cuts, bleeding, broken bones, and may also be repaired by resting at an inn or camp. For pawns, Rift stones act as curative portals.

Augments that affect Health

Warrior, Fighter, Mystic Knight, and Strider have the best health growths.
Unlocked by Vocation
Increases health by 100
Increases health by 100
Increases health by 100 at nighttime
Regenerates 1 health every 3 seconds
Magick Archer
Regenerates 100 health when you deliver the killing blow to a enemy
Secret Augments

Curatives and Spells that affect Health

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Equipment that affects Health

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