Type Monster
XP 29,000
Health -
Attack -
Defense -
Magic Attack -
Magick Defense -
Weight -

Garm is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


Garm Information








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Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Weak to Lightning



  • Weak against Lightning spells and Lightning enchanted weapons.
  • Vulnerable to Tarred, Torpor, Poison, Petrification and Sleep
  • Vulnerable to Lowered Strength.
  • Immune to Blindness.
  • Strong against Ice spells and Ice enchanted weapons.


Damage Taken

  • Slash: --
  • Bash: --
  • Fire: --
  • Ice: --
  • Thunder: --
  • Holy: --
  • Dark: --



Skill Description
Blinding Mist The Garm exhales a black mist causing Blindness for those afflicted.
Ram and Toss Using a two hit attack, the Garm rams its head into the foe and then launches them up into the air. Players hit by this attack will take fall damage.
Grab and Drag Grabs a target who has been knocked to the floor and drags them a fair distance away, dealing constant damage. Then it will maul and exhale Blinding Mist causing Blindness until freed (wiggle L-stick). Other Garm can join in on this attack, increasing damage and the likelihood of death.
Last Breath Upon death, the Garm will let out a final Blinding Mist from their bodies dealing damage and causing Blindness.

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