Elemental Weapons in Dragon's Dogma are weapons that are permanently enchanted with a specific element. When using these weapons, all strikes will deal both physical and magick damage with a percentage for their associated elemental damage and a chance for an associated status effect.

Elemental Weapons Categories

Elemental Damage Effects

  • Icon-Element-Fire.png Fire weapons have a chance to inflict Icon-Debilitation-Fire.png burning status on enemies, dealing 24 damage per second and causing them to flee, panic and land if their wings are on fire.
  • Icon-Element-ice.png Ice weapons have a chance to inflict Icon-Debilitation-frozen.png Frozen status on enemies, preventing them from moving, attacking or dodging.
  • Icon-Element-lightning.png Lightning weapons have a chance to unleash a Thundershock, that stuns nearby enemies and deals a small amount of aoe damage.
  • Icon-Element-dark.png Dark weapons have a chance to inflict additional damage to enemies for 10% of the character's magick stat. It also has a small chance to critically hit and kill bandits, saurians and other low level enemies, or inflict several debilitations such as Icon-Debilitation-torpor.png Torpor.
  • Icon-Element-holy.png Holy weapons have a chance to heal the caster for 10% of their Magick Defense.

Elemental Damage Limitations

Not all weapon categories have all elemental damages available.
  • There are no Dark based elemental Longswords, Maces, Swords or Staves
  • There are no Lightning based elemental Warhammers.
  • There are no Ice or Dark elemental Shields.
  • There are no Fire based elemental Magick Shields.
  • The original game did not have elemental ranged weapons. With Dark Arisen, each Ranged Weapon type was give one elemental-based weapon:
    • Shortbows have a Fire based weapon.
    • Longbows have an Ice based weapon.
    • Magick Bows have a Lightning based weapon.

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