Updated Sep 26, 2015 3:16 pm

Character Height is a gameplay mechanic in Dragon's Dogma. It affects walking speed, weapon reach and other aspects of combat.

Effects of Character Height

  • Walking Speed:Taller characters will walk and run faster than shorter ones (based off leg length). However, they will not sprint faster, as sprinting is based off encumbrance.
  • Weapon Reach: Taller will be able to swing their weapons further (arm length).
  • Climbing: Taller characters will perform climbing outmaneuvers with more ease
  • Knockdown and Stagger Resistance: Taller characters gain resistance to knockback and stagger, and are less affected by the wind in Windworn Valley
  • Tools: Taller characters can wade water longer before their lamp goes out, as their waist remains above water longer.
  • Crouching: Smaller characters can crouch and fit into small openings, and can sneak under large monsters without rolling. Goblin Holes in the Shadow Fort allow for characters of under 150cm, whilst Cyclops and Ogres can be evaded without rolling by characters under 170cm.
  • Character Hitbox: Smaller characters have a smaller hitbox, making them more difficult to be hit when enemies attack. (this is also affected by character weight.

Character Height Tips

  • Character height is selected doing character creation. Most people ignore this factor during the initial start-up, but you may re-design your character by purchasing Secret of Metamorphosis from the Rift Shop using 10,000 Rift Crystals.
  • Pawns are good pack-mules and as such it is better to chose tall heavy models for them.
  • The player character takes good advantage of small sizes by getting much better movement speed and regeneration rates. If you plan on traveling with a full party, make your arisen medium or smaller, and leave the item-carrying to your pawns.

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